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precious jewels and leftovers.

you know when you've heard/sung a song a million times but never really listened to the words?? yesterday, standing in the choir, singing "You are my all in all" that i've sung since jr. high... this struck me:

"seeking You as a precious jewel..."
what if we really did seek the LORD like we seek precious jewels... or, like we seek money. most of us spend almost every waking moment seeking money, if we're honest. we wake up with the sole intent to get ready and get out the door, and get to work. to make money. our lives are completely consumed with seeking money. so that we can seek goods and things. i never think about it, but when Jesus said you can't serve two masters, He didn't mean you had to be rich to be "serving" money. just look at what you're seeking when you wake up every morning. do you wake up with a longing to get into the Word of God? do you wake up excited to dive in and see what God has prepared for you this morning f…

blog post #1

well, i had to start sometime, right? i don't know if it was a NY resolution or what, but here it is: my first "personal blog" post. i've always been an off-and-on "journal-er", and it's been sort of a therapy for me like it is for a lot of people. i may not be witty or funny, and maybe my life isn't that interesting... but then again, maybe this 'lil blog will be useful for someone. i'll be posting here and there about life, love, babies, silly things, great finds, work, and very probably- my walk with Jesus. it'll just be my life. nothing will be left out {except probably politics :) } soooo... 5 things about me?

1. i believe in the "Word became flesh". i believe that Jesus Christ was born to a virgin, to become the atonement for the sin of mankind. i believe that all who believe in Him will be saved. i believe it's that simple. i believe He actively intercedes on our behalf, at the right hand of God Almighty. i believe be…