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one million arrows

"Have you ever wondered if there's a grander purpose for our children beyond growing up to become responsible, productive adults who happen to be Christians?" - Julie Ferwerda, One Million Arrows {introduction page}
i'm beyond excited to start this new book One Million Arrows. so far i've read one page... and that sentence {the very first sentence} jumped off the page at me as if God was literally saying to my heart- "here is the answer to those prayers you've been praying since before Reese was born".
YES. i have always *known* there is a greater purpose. i've never desired that my children grow up to be nice. or normal. good citizens. loyal americans. well-educated. contributing members of society.
etc, etc, etc.
no. i've always prayed that my children would CHANGE. THE. WORLD. or at least their little sphere of influence. however large or small God decides it will be.
i've always desired {as you can read also in this post} that my children would …