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about not blogging

so i havent been around for awhile. i know. there was a time, for about six months, where i blogged 3 times a week and had posts planned, written and scheduled a few weeks in advance. i was trying to "grow my blog" but, quite frankly, it didn't work and i got burnt out. that's just the honest truth right there.
the thing is, lately i haven't had time and i haven't felt inspired to share anything. not at the exact moment i'm sitting at the computer anyway. i do miss it though. the few of you who were reading and feeling encouraged by whatever i shared... that was worth it, right? because sometimes it can be discouraging and it can feel downright defeating, like a waste of energy. putting your whole heart out there for 72 people to read and go on with their day. you wonder if it's really futile after awhile. if your time could be better or more wisely spent. 
everyone likes to say that you should write whether 20 or 20,000 people are reading, but i won…

help me choose...

i know, i barely blog anymore. but i need your help :)

i've been searching around for a new phone case. mine is over 2 years old and it shows. apparently i'm in a mint/aqua/turquoise mood today. which one is your favorite? help me choose! i really love the blue aztec one but i'm not that trendy or cool. i think the ombre herringbone is probably more me. but i still can't decide...

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love for uganda [a guest post and donation giveaway]

i had to tell you guys about my friend Jami. she's someone that i've been fortunate enough to meet through blogging. i mean, the fact that it's possible to have friends you never would have met otherwise, just because you write a blog and they write a blog and you happen to be going to the same conference two years ago? pretty mind-blowing. and she's amazing, you guys. hilarious and kind and so easy going. and now i'll let her tell you about the rest... all of the below is from Jami:

today is the day! the day you get to see all the goodies up for grabs.
aaaand, i'm nervous. there i said it. i feel better already.

if you read my post from last week you know that hubby is part of a mission team going to uganda this summer. we are thrilled to be able to participate and can not wait to see what the Lord does. the team will be traveling with children of the nations spending time teaching and loving on children in group homes. they will also be visiting refugee camps…

a few quick updates

i can't believe it's been almost a month since i've posted anything on this here blog... i guess i've been busy? here are some of the things i've been up to though, that i wanted to share with you:

first of all, i added some prints to the shop as instant downloads. so you can buy and download right away, to print it yourself from home. the great thing about this option is
a) you don't have to pay for shipping
b) you don't have to wait for shipping
c) you can print as many as you want! if you have three gifts to give...
like maybe a last minute mother's day gift? you can print out four for the price of one download (one for yourself of course)!

find the instant downloads here
second, i've been busy making some announcements and invitations for my zazzle store. with, you get to personalize and customize everything yourself, right on the website, and then order straight from them! i make a little royalty from every sale, and you get amazing qu…