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why i sing

i always love "american idol" season. the part i don't love, is each time the new season starts, i start hearing it- everyone wants to tell me why they think i should "go on american idol". why they think i would win. why they think i need to try out next summer. i always politely say that it's just not something i'm interested in... the honest truth is this:
i can sing, yes. and i sing regularly in my church. let's be realistic, first of all- there are 1,000's of people exactly like me in churches across America and around the world that can sing. they show up every Sunday to worship their God... people scoff at that like it's so silly, like "yeah, i just sing in church." like they haven't been discovered yet, or they haven't gotten their big "break" yet.
a couple of things:
1) it would be quite presumptuous of me to think that somehow i'm extra "special". somehow i have that "it" factor tha…