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it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

** coupon codes at the end of this post have expired **

i LOVE christmastime. seriously love it. but who doesn't right? my house is fully decorated, though i do have a few more projects to complete... that's part of the fun though, always having a project to finish. besides my tree above, which i am in love with every single year, here are a few highlights around the house . [cell-phone pictures, i know i'm terrible]
i made this little printable that i framed in a swirly white frame. i change the number with dry erase each day. [i got the idea from here but made my own]. please do print one for yourself:

i want to do something like this somewhere. little things in jars. to add some more interest:
Source: via Aly on Pinterest

i'm also planning to make this cute advent banner to hang above the fireplace. with a few variations because i'm not an awesome sewer. no flap, no button, probably not even in that shape... and i might just use paper. we'…

dear santa [plus a black friday sale]

how was your thanksgiving? ours was wonderfully relaxing... besides the fact that i'm pretty sure i broke my foot [or maybe my toe]. i dropped the casserole dish right on it while trying to get it out of the cupboard. that didn't feel good. it still doesn't feel good.

well i don't know about you, but i'm one of those gals who decorates for christmas the next day after thanksgiving. i need to enjoy it as long as possible. while i'm in the christmas spirit i figured i might as well write out my christmas list. it's never too early, right? okay good... so, for those of you who aren't out braving the black friday crowds [i never do] here's what i've had my eye on.

mostly, this is a very detailed, photographic list, including direct links, for my hubby to reference. but we really don't do lots of gifts for each other, so maybe this will just be an opportunity for you to add some things to your list? enjoy!

looooove this pitcher. SO much. $58 anthro…

thankful for...

today, i'm thankful for:
our almighty infinite God.  the one who creates, who ordains, who directs, who provides,  who equips, who saves, who redeems, who restores,  who loves more lavishly than I will ever comprehend.  the One who sent His son as the atonement for sin, as the victor over death.  who was and is, and is to come. He who has done great things throughout the ages  and continues now, in my life and yours. He is good.  it would be impossible to adequately express thanks [in words] for what He has done for me.
a husband who works hard, today included, doing what he loves.  impacting lives, coaching football, and providing for our little family.  who sees me and notices when I've had a hard day.  who orders me to sit on the couch while he prepares for our guests,  cleaning, setting up, serving food [yesterday].
a daughter who could not be more precious to me.  her imagination, the things she talks about with me.  the way she says "be happy, mama" if I'm less …

can you help? [a guest post from Jami]

today i'm letting my friend Jami take over this little space to tell you about something amazing that she's doing in January. i love that she's doing this with her husband [and taking her two older kids with her!] what a way to teach your kids first-hand how to love the least of these, give them a heart for missions, giving, sacrificing, serving. i love it! jami, you are my hero and i totally want to copy you follow your example  when my girls are old enough!

Hi, my name is Jami and I blog at Call Me Blessed. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share with all of you a missions project my family is working on.  For the past two years Hubby has gone to Mexico with our church to build houses. I am still amazed that this can be done. A group of people can go for four days, be the hands and feet of Jesus and completely change the lives of another family. These families live in shacks made of pallets and cardboard. Sometimes they don't even have that. These are fami…


since i didn't do this last week, i have a few extra photos this time around. hope that's ok :)

a package sent off to a lovely customer. a wreath.  this is how i gift wrapped it for her. it's not the normal way i package things.  cute, but it would get pricey with all that lace.

i quite enjoy this little corner of my kitchen, don't you?  also, i'm obsessed with owls. they are everywhere in my house.

this is how my daughter's 6-week old sparkly toms are holding up... at least a pair of shoes went to a child in need hopefully they're better quality than these!

in case you missed it, i've been working on some new products. if you're a creative type, you know what i mean when i say i stayed up at night dreaming of this. <click here if you want to buy> and immediately the next day i had to try it. and, unlike most projects i try, it turned our cuter in real life!

its sister hoop<click here if you want to buy>

a little pinterest inspiration. …

picture frames

i was brainstorming yesterday and honestly, there are SO many cute things you can do with a picture frame. it doesn't have to be nice, it doesn't have to be the right color, it just has to be four pieces of some kind of hard-ish material [preferably wood] stuck together in a rectangular shape, you know what i mean?

so here are a few things i wrote down, and then i scoured pinterest to find examples.
because otherwise this would be a super boring post :)
[if you follow me on pinterest, i apologize for the over-abundance of frame-pinning]

wrap it with yarn Source: via Aly on Pinterest

because, let's be honest... you could wrap anything with yarn and it looks awesome, right?
i could do an entire post on things that are wrapped with yarn.
[sources: vases | lamp shade | gifts | wreath | letters | bottles]

wrap it with fabric Source: via Aly on Pinterest

what i love about these first two options, is that you're covering up the actu…