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a birthday discount for you

so, my birthday is in about ten days. and i figured what better way to celebrate than by offering a discount to YOU!?

so from now until July 9 [my birthday] you can get 28% off your order using BDAY28 at checkout... 

can you guess how old i'll be?
if you guessed 28, you're right ;)

here's a little sampling of what you'll find in the shop
[there are lots more color combos in each piece, so make sure to look at all the listing photos!]

oh, and before i forget, Leslie is doing a little giveaway over here. i think there's still time to enter!
you can win either 2 prints OR one hoop. your choice :)

and yes, i do realize i have not written one thing in this space in over a month...

have a good weekend!