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giving thanks

i love thanksgiving.
i love that we set a side a full day, every year, to be thankful. i know that gratitude and thankfulness should be a daily practice and most days, for me, it is.
i love that my in-laws have the tradition that before we sit down to eat [and there are about 50 of us there] we hold hands in a circle, and say what we're thankful for. it's a big family and we're very blessed. we have a lot to be thankful for and i love hearing what everyone is thinking about each year.
of course there are a few here and there that are always late, so they miss this part... and i have to admit, i hate speaking in front of people, even if they're my family! i will always inevitably cry. i've just gotten used to it now and it doesn't bother me it used to make me want to be late [so i missed this part]
this year, i am thankful for about a million things, but i'll try to be concise.
immediately, i'm thankful for my new [to me] piano:
it was graciously given to us [including …