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a mother's day sale

mother's day is always tricky in our family. both my mom and mother-in-law's birthdays are within one day of each other, and always within a few days of mother's day (if not actually falling ON mother's day some years). that's a lot of gifting and sometimes it's hard to come up with new ideas each year, you know? we usually do photos of the kids, a photo book, or something else meaningful. my mom always told me growing up that she'd rather have a gift i made her (no matter how lame) than something i bought. so i'm going with that. i usually always tuck a little print into their gifts, too. because that's sort of like a gift that keeps on giving, i think. plus it falls into the category of something i made.

so i thought a 25% off sale would be fun, because maybe you want to gift a lovely print for mother's day too?
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 from now through May 1st to guarantee delivery before mother's day.
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overcome the lie | He just loves me

i remember it so vividly, like it was yesterday. i was about 22, in the shower [i know] where all the best thinking and praying happens, and trying to figure out what i could do to feel like God really loved me. i knew He loved me because i had heard it all my life but i just couldn't shake this feeling that there was something more i could do to make sure. really, i was searching for something that could help me feel like i was worthy of His love.

i'm not sure why God chose that day in the shower to finally let it sink in like it did, but this little thought flickered through my scattered brain:

there is nothing i could do [or not do] to make God love me any less.

He loves me because HE.IS.LOVE. it's just that simple. there's nothing in me that changed His mind or recommended me to Him. He just loves because that's Who He is.

and then this second part hit me even harder, because i've always been the good girl who thought i had to earn God's Grace and thou…