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a walking maniac

so, reese's grandma bought her a walker yesterday. she is *IN LOVE* with it. it's like she totally know that she's not attached to someone's hip, or strapped to a high chair... she knows that she decides where the thing goes. she gets to explore and discover what the wall feels like and what she looks like in the oven's reflection. she has independence! she will walk and walk and walk until her 'lil legs are so tired. she uses both at once, one at a time. she can turn it and walk backwards and sideways... i'll be honest, i may love it more than she does. it's a nice break for me :)

cleanliness is next to godliness... right?

i was a literal *mad woman* last night for two straight hours... why is it that we clean the house like a tornado, RIGHT before the cleaning ladies come? i'll never understand whether it's because i'm embarrassed of the way the house looks, or whether i just want to make their job easier? who knows. but one thing is for sure, i need to get on cleaning rampages like that a LOT more often! all the laundry is done. including the three sets of sheets and five hundred towels that have been waiting to be clean, for probably three weeks. feels good! and now let the cleaning ladies come and scrub the toilets and showers. i *LOATH* cleaning the bathrooms.
{and as a side-note, we currently live in a studio apartment above my in-laws garage... so, seriously, there shouldn't be that much to do. that just tells you how messy it was.}

mundane? or miraculous?

my pastor spoke today about saying "yes" to the open doors, to the opportunities that God gives us to further His kingdom and tell others about Him... but the opportunities always seem to come at the craziest time in our life, don't they? it's too bad "God doesn't check our calendar" before He decides to open a door to something amazing. if we're not careful, we'll let it pass by because we're too busy to worry about it...

"we fill up our schedules with the mundane and ordinary, that we're irritated with God when He opens the door to the miraculous and extraordinary"
wow. God isn't trying to bless us at our convenience. He's not trying to make sure we've got our taxes finished, our business under control, and our errands done before He throws a wrench and calls us to do something significant, for Him. He doesn't check our calendar... and far be it for me to presume that He should.
we get so carried away with the …