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queen bee market

in case you hadn't heard, there's another Queen Bee Market next weekend. it's coinciding with the BlogHer conference that's downtown that same weekend. i will be there, selling lots of fun things, including a new style of felt flower that i loveand some yarn wreaths! if you're local-ish [like within 6 hours driving distance], make sure you come. you will not be disappointed!

* oh AND they're putting together a great raffle: if you bring a canned food, you get one ticket. bring ten, you get ten tickets. this enters you to win an awesome prize basket filled with awesome stuff from the various vendors that will be there, including me! can't beat that! so bring your cans :)

the worst 20 minutes of my life

today we had a nice little day of errands planned. this was the agenda:

1. michael's: open backed frames at 50% off [for the queen bee market. cute idea i have brewing]
2. tuesday mornings: looking for super cheap white or neutral curtains
3. pharmacy: my hubby has really terrible acid reflux so he's on a daily medication
4. trader joe's: finishing out the grocery list for the rest of the week

we made it to michael's and grabbed the frame at 50% off, scored a few more coupons at checkout [love that about michael's] and even had a nice lady compliment us on how great Reese was behaving. she was seriously just standing next to me, holding my hand, silently and patiently waiting in line. she's not always that easy, so i appreciated the compliment :)

and here's what happened next:

headed out to the car to make our way to the next stop.
buckled Reese into her seat
tossed my keys and clutch into the front seat for easy access.
shut the door.
went to open my door.

potty training [day 2]

i know that lots of you who are about to read this are going to be very disappointed. you'll tell me that she's definitely old enough, definitely ready, and i need to just push through.

but honestly, she has not gone in the potty successfully ONCE in two whole days. she would literally rather go on the floor. that's just not sanitary for any of us and my house is starting to smell.

this is why i'm stopping...

12:08pm :
i can tell she has to go.
i try to put her on the potty
she says "no, no! i don't wanna go potty!"
and runs away, into the office
[this is where i praise the Lord for wood floors in this room]
and pees on the floor
i grab her and set her on the potty
where she finishes, undies on.
apparently you're supposed to reward even if they go a tiny bit in the potty,
even if it began as an "accident"
um, i still had to clean up a huge puddle and trail of pee on the floor...
doesn't seem like success to me?
oh well, she got her fruit …

potty training: play-by-play [day 1]

i started potty training today. using this method. i'll be posting and updating the post as we go... more for my sanity than your enjoyment [since the program requires that i am housebound for three straight days]

9:30am :
had her throw away her diapers and wipes
put on princess "undie-wears" as she calls them
told her we have to keep the undies dry
and to tell mommy when she has to use the potty

10:39am :
so far, nothin.
i have repeated "tell mommy when you have to go potty, k?" a billion times
she's gone through a sippy cup of apple juice
i guess i was under the impression that she just constantly peed when she was wearing a diaper... hmmm..

10:51am :
"mommy, i hafta go potty!!!" [very excitedly, as it drips down her legs... oops]
she realized she probably has to tell me a few seconds earlier.
but it was also my fault.
they say you have to be by their side constantly,
and i was in the kitchen for a minute...
new undies and a new pep-talk

suggested reading for the weekend [#3]

woah. this one is good. that's why i listed it first, because you have to read it immediately. oh, and it's about sex. called "to love their husbands" by layla at you are my (he)art.
and then we have jon acuff's "the god in our heads". i think we all get caught up here sometimes. that somehow we believe serving God is always and only going to hard and horrible and exactly what we've always dreaded. 
and this one from an (in)courage contributorMindi Headrick, called "Poptarts in Paradise"
it reminded me of this post i wrote [originally as a guest post for leslie], wondering why i do things i shouldn't, when i know better and when i should have it figured out by now... but really it's all about more of Him who is the giver of all fruit: patience, kindness, goodness, self-control. we can't do it without Him but we think we should be able to, for some reason.

i belong

i need this reminder sometimes, don't you? 
For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons,neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39
and if i could add to that verse, i'd remind myself that even my own thoughts and perceptions, no matter how convincing they seem, can't separate me from His love. nothing at all. 
i love this song by Kathryn Scott. i've been singing it over and over these past few days. this morning it's on repeat  [it's been a rough one with a very uncooperative two year old... you know all about those right?]

blessed be the name of the Lord

we were driving home from lunch listening to some good country music on the way... you know, the songs that say stuff like:

"got a little bit of chicken fried. cold beer on a friday night. a pair of jeans that fit just right. and the radio up."or this one: "i got a roof over my head. the woman i love layin' in my bed... i got shoes under my feet... i got all i need, and it's alright by me."

it got me thinking about how we have some pretty incredible things to be thankful for. that i shouldn't take one little thing for granted. the lunch i just ate and the car i'm comfortably riding in. the husband who loves me and the daughter sleeping peacefully in her carseat behind me. and so. much. more. and then i began to think about how God promises to provide our every need, yet we worry and stress over the silliest [sometimes not so silly] things. i just couldn't help but wonder that while He does promise to provide for our every need and care for every …

big birthday sale

it's my birthday on saturday. the big 2-7! so, in case you missed it, i'm offering a HUGE, unheard of 27% discount on anything in the shop. use BDAY27 at checkout. applies to anything--- patterns, printables, and finished pieces! from now until saturday. july 9. my birthday :)

here are some of the awesome things you'll find, plus lots more:

at 27% off of absolutely EVERYTHING, those prices are unbelievable. ridiculously low! don't forget to enter code BDAY27 at checkout [i won't be refunding the difference if you forget, sorry!]

on my heart ...

i've been i a funk the last few weeks. i'm blaming it on the crazy early pregnancy hormones. but still, i've been in a fog, hit a wall, whatever you want to call it. dare i use the "depression" word?

almost no quiet time, barely making it through a day without crying, a lot on my mind, not keeping up on emails or blogs, far from the Lord's presence and peace... you know, just funky. i hate even one day like this, so the few weeks combined have taken their toll.

but this morning i opened my Jesus Calling devotional to this:

It is impossible to praise or thank God too much
Fill up the spare moments of your life with praise and thanksgiving. This joyous discipline will help you live in the intimacy of My Presence.

and then i was reminded of the earth-shattering truths i learned in One Thousand Gifts. things like:
"it is thanksgiving that shapes a theology of trust" pg 152
"if [His] goodnesses toward you end, [He] will cease to exist. As long as the…