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the pursuit of happiness

it's time for me to "rant"... about what i've been learning lately what i've been praying about and thinking about
about this "american dream" that we have ALL bought into (if we were born and raised here) this thing that we all feel entitled to, because our Declaration of Independence told us we deserved it. that God actually gave us the right to pursue it...
it's a basic human right, didn't you know? the pursuit of "happiness". which, to us, means: extra money, just to swim in it big houses with all the upgrades, nice new cars with all the bells and whistles 100 pairs of shoes, 7 gray ruffly sweaters, 14 pairs of black pants a million useless items in a junk drawer, throwing away extra food
that's all inalienable, right? if you are alive, you deserve those things and no one (not even King George in 1776) can take that away from you... not without a fight.
we have a mindset here in America: i consume, therefore i am.
and i am as guilty as the …