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mundane? or miraculous?

my pastor spoke today about saying "yes" to the open doors, to the opportunities that God gives us to further His kingdom and tell others about Him... but the opportunities always seem to come at the craziest time in our life, don't they? it's too bad "God doesn't check our calendar" before He decides to open a door to something amazing. if we're not careful, we'll let it pass by because we're too busy to worry about it...

"we fill up our schedules with the mundane and ordinary, that we're irritated with God when He opens the door to the miraculous and extraordinary"

wow. God isn't trying to bless us at our convenience. He's not trying to make sure we've got our taxes finished, our business under control, and our errands done before He throws a wrench and calls us to do something significant, for Him. He doesn't check our calendar... and far be it for me to presume that He should.

we get so carried away with the meaningless in this life, that we let the truly meaningful opportunities just slip away. can you imagine what God could do in our lives if we lived them with a minute-by-minute responsiveness to the Holy Spirit. if we literally woke up and asked God to show us every little place where we could minister to others. not just by sharing the gospel with them, but by giving them something to eat. clothing them. giving them some shelter. giving them a shoulder to cry on. an ear to listen. just plain showing them LOVE. just plain being the hands and feet and heart of the Living God on this earth... what if we lived like that? what if we allowed the Holy Spirit to fill us on a daily basis and what if every single move we made was because the Spirit had directed us there. i can't even imagine what that life would be like. i'm sure it wouldn't be filled with boredom and mediocrity. i'm sure that it would be a roller-coaster ride of incredible blessing and incredible opportunity. and in the end, THAT is a life that will hear "well done, my good and faithful servant" when they come face to face with the Creator of the universe. THAT is the life that will have been worth it.


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