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[recipe] the best chocolate chip cookies you have ever tasted. promise.

my mother-in-law is probably the best cook [and baker] that i know. we lived with my in-laws for 9 months, so i benefited from her talents for awhile [no, i didn't cook one dinner those entire 9 months!] i took notes, though, and left with lots of wonderful tips and yummy recipes to add to my collection. by far thee best thing i learned: how to make her signature chocolate chip cookies. these took her about 15 years to perfect, and you'll see the secrets that make them so incredible. [she won't mind that i'm sharing with you :) she's the sweetest person on the face of the earth and loves nothing more than sharing her wisdom]

forgive me, because i don't have photos of every single part of the process [and they're taken at night so they're not the greatest quality]. alright, enough excuses... here's what you need:

preheat your oven to 375 degrees

1 & 1/4 cups light brown sugar. packed
3/4 cup butter flavored crisco [this isn't pictured, but it's the most important thing!]
1 Tbsp vanilla extract
2 Tbsp milk [can be almond milk, or whatever type of milk you have]

cream these together in your mixer until they're combined and creamy

add one egg and continue to mix

combine the following in a separate bowl 
1 & 3/4 cups flour
1 tsp salt
3/4 tsp baking soda

slowly stir dry mixture into mixing bowl with other ingredients. mix until all the white disappears 

add 2 cups [or an entire bag] of chocolate chips
add 1 or 2 cups chopped walnuts or pecans if you so desire

now, for the most important parts:

fill a little dish with regular white sugar
grab a measuring cup or anything with a flat bottom
spread some crisco, butter, or spray oil onto the bottom
dip it into the sugar to coat the bottom

spray your baking sheet. now, using an ice cream scoop, scoop out the cookie dough onto the sheet. make sure that you do not let the dough spill out over the top of the scoop. now, with your sugared measuring cup, press down on each ball to smash it. [this is how you make sure it will cook evenly]

bake at 375 for 7 minutes. you might adjust this time, depending on how "done" you like your cookies.

place on a wire rack to cool...

and then transfer to a darling cake plate that you made by gluing together a $1 Goodwill plate and old $7 Target candle stick that you weren't using anyway. [okay, i guess that last part is optional?]

these will be gone by morning... i can't help myself.


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