i just put my little girl down for her nap. while we prayed, I thanked Jesus for clean water... at the mention of water, of course, she asked me for water. i looked around and there was a sippy cup on her dresser, one outside her door, two across the hall in my room, and undoubtedly three more scattered around the house.

we are blessed. 

we are fortunate. 

we are wealthy.

and when i say "we", i don't just mean me.

i mean all of us.

just having access to clean water is a luxury that many children do not know. what are we doing with all this wealth, as thousands of children are dying every day and we're concerned with the latest fashion trend that we must own or who was the best dressed at the grammy's or what new reality show everyone is talking about? sometimes our lives are so unrealistic and absurd that i can't even believe it. i hope sometimes you get stirred by the gross injustice and gaping discrepancy, too. when you're stirred, i hope that you act on it. i wish i did a lot more often.

i know i only have a few "official" followers [thank you, by the way. i am honored and humbled that you'd actually want to read what i write here] but i'm hoping there are more of you that are reading in secret ;) and that you'll be willing to help with this request as well: one of my favorite bloggers, Lovelyn of "moments with love" has just returned from uganda and she is pleading with 85 people to donate just $20 each to help fund a clean water project at a "rehabilitation center" in northern uganda [a youth prison, basically]. please go to her blog and read what she has to say, and most importantly, please take the time to donate $20 [or more if you are able]

i realize that there are people in the midst of suffering as they read this. i'm not discounting the real trials that we go through. please give if you can, and please think and pray about other ways that you can help.


  1. I found your blog through that blog :O).. and I loved this post. I already donated what I could, but I was so glad to click over and see you encouraging everyone to do what they can. I'm excited to follow you now! And don't worry, I don't have any followers, either.. hehe!

  2. gosh, Ali. thanks for linking up to her blog. that post was really startling and disturbing. I'm considering how our family can contribute.