beauty all around

spring is in full bloom here in san diego. at least in my little corner, in my yard. we've never seen our house in early spring, so everything is a surprise. when we got home from mammoth a few days ago, we were greeted by three white calla lilies blooming by the front door. i didn't even know that was a calla lily plant? [my wedding bouquet was all calla lilies. i adore them]

i don't think i've ever appreciated spring so much. not since i started counting the gifts, noticing the beauty. and certainly not since spring became so symbolic of my life right now. there is beauty all around. it is breathtaking.

so my husband suggested that i cut them off and bring them inside. i'm no floral designer like shauna ;)  but i just placed them in a simple glass vase, leaning to the side. i love them. i hope they last a long time here on my kitchen table. but if not, i know there will be more where they came from. God is too good.

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