can you help? [part 2]

i wanted to pop in and let you know that the fundraiser/giveaway that i shared with you last week raised $200

[and i wo
n TWO of the giveaway items??!? yay! this has been my week for giveaways: leslie's hoop art, these cute cards from danielle's giveaway, and now,
all from Kim's giveaway: a gift card to dunkin donuts and to itunes, and jewelry from here. yay!] 

okay, back to the real reason for this post:

i hope you'll take a few minutes to head over to Kim's blog again. she's hosting another giveaway, with tons of great items, including some items that are being carried over from last week. here's what Kim has to say:
Please, don't assume that someone else will do it. We need ALL of the help we can get. I can't stress that enough. The need at this particular orphanage is great. They need our help. If you think that your $10 or $25 won't make that much of a difference, you're right. $10 or $25 alone won't make that much of a difference. But think about what 100 or 200 people giving $10 or $25 can do. Think about what a difference that could make for these children. I know how easy it is to click away and go back to your everyday life because I did that for a long time, but I'm challenging you not to do that this time.
she has EIGHTEEN different items up for grabs! including two autographed books from Pioneer Woman. yes, thee Pioneer Woman! jewelry, cute plush toys and dolls, wall art, clothing. SO MUCH. and get this:
For every $10 donated to El Olam Orphanage, you will receive five entries in the Giveaway, to the items of your choice. Please keep in mind that if you blog about it, you will get a freebie entry, for a total of SIX entries!

If you donate $25, you will receive FIFTEEN entries in the Giveaway, to whichever items you choose. If you blog about it, you'll get SIXTEEN entries!
is that crazy or what? so please go and make a donation, no matter how large or small! i think a lot of us can probably spare $10 [not all of us can, i know that] so please take a few minutes to check out the items and get your donation in!! there are some pretty specific instructions on how to do it, so make sure you read carefully. thanks guys! and good luck!

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