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i don't know about you all, but my heart has been burdened lately. burdened by the injustice all over the world, the fact that we have it so easy while the rest of the world suffers from lack of basic things that we take for granted i asked you last time to consider donating to the water well project in northern uganda and God delivered!

i love blog world. because i love the inspiration, the real-life examples of women who are doing God's work, the fresh Word that God speaks to me every single day through all of you in the comments and through the wonderful blogs that i read regularly. 

Kim happened to comment on my blog one day [i think it was on the "water" post, actually], so i headed over to hers. and this is what i read. [pretty please take the time to read it]. this woman is doing what God has asked her to do. and we all know that takes courage and strength and constant reliance on God's provision. the process of saying "yes, Lord" is a daily surrender. it's not just a one-time decision. it's a process that's all about relationship with Him. it's all about being available to allow Him to do huge things through us. 

[i love her blog header, don't you?]
because she refused to sit by and ignore it any longer, Kim is heading to Ethiopia in July. you'd think that was a great start. that was enough, right? well, no, in the meantime her heart has been stirred to intercede, to collect, to donate, to raise awareness and money on behalf of the least of these. to start with, she's doing all she can to get cloth diapers over there. a huge need, apparently. 

another thing she's doing is hosting a huge giveaway to raise money for a specific orphanage, El Olam. i encourage all of you to go enter the fabulous giveaway! it only takes a $10 donation to get two entries!?! $25 is 5 entries. and you guys, these are fabulous items to be won! remember that you are giving to desperate children in the process, and you get to win awesome stuff because of it. what could be more enticing? go to this post to enter. 

i hope you take the time to donate, enter, and leave a sweet comment over there. [become a follower, too! you'll want to keep up with the incredible things that God is going to do through her.]

i'm off to donate and enter right now :) i hope you'll join me!

[if you're looking for the place to actually donate, look for that blue "a big, big giveaway" button, same as the one just above, on her right sidebar. just below that is a Paypal "donate" button!]

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