faith blogs

i'm sure you've heard about the newest and latest craze in blog-land? faithblogs.net is a cool little [growing quickly] community of bloggers like myself, who write from a Christian worldview.

well, this past weekend i received a sweet email from Katie, the co-founder, letting me know that they've chosen "the mommie diaries" to be part of their growing list of blogs! i couldn't be more excited [and humbled] to have been selected and placed among some of my favorite blogs, ladies that i look up to and that i can't wait to read everyday. i can't wait to see the connections and relationships that will hopefully blossom from this awesome community. please check out faith blogs if you haven't already. you will likely recognize many of the blogs there... so you know it's legit ;)  and of course check out their blog for the latest updates!


  1. How cool! Off to check it out, thanks!

  2. yes!!! saw you on there and i'm so stoked! you deserve to be because you and your little blog rock. happy monday, friend. hows your little princess?

  3. Yay for faith blogs!!! Thanks for your sweet comments! Means a lot friend!!! LOVE!!! Xoxoxoxo