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i am growing to love our little yard. from the surprise flowers blooming everywhere, to the convenience of actual food growing on trees... i love it! and i've never really been an outdoorsy girl or a gardener. but i'm becoming one. here are the latest picks from the tangerine tree, and there are literally hundreds more. we have a lemon tree too, which is so nice. fresh lemon is a staple in so many recipes but i always hated buying them. i want to plant an apple and/or avocado tree soon. mmm, or what about plums or peaches? i think we only have room for two or three, so that will be a tough decision. any thoughts?

we also planted some flowers yesterday afternoon. my husband is off for two weeks and he gets really bored really quickly. he started by de-cluttering the junk drawers and vacuuming the house, and then moved on to surveying the projects that need to be done around the yard. first was planting flowers and second will be re-painting the patio overhang. i love that he gets bored! too bad he doesn't want to tackle the laundry and bathrooms.

i was shocked by how cheap everything was. $35 for all this, soil, and a few little shovels. 

i didn't take the time to edit any of these photos, so i'm sorry if the color is off. this one is blurry, too

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