business cards

i can't decide what i like. do i want a two-sided design like this?

or just one sided like this:

i'm thinking that i'll also use them to display the headbands [this is for the queen bee market, remember? may 6 & 7 at the Del Mar Hilton], so that's why i came up with the double sided one, so that the flower would display just under the logo? or maybe that means the single sided would be better, so that the background is just plain white? hmmm. can't decide. what do you think? 50 of one type, and 50 of the other?


  1. Ok have you decided yet? Am I too late? I like the one sided. Love the design!

  2. jami, thanks for your input! i'm ordering them today, although i think i may go with a different design (same colors, very similar to the ones above). one sided though, i like that idea better too :)

  3. This is great. This will help me so much because i need to print plastic business cards. Thanks for sharing.