the cross

2000 years ago today....

i was bought with a price.
my sin was washed away.
Christ endured death on a cross
because He loved me.
He was betrayed by one of His closest friends.
sold out to the chief priests.
"tried" and found guilty
of simply being Who He was.
beaten and flogged relentlessly,
until almost unrecognizable
as the chosen Messiah.
on the brink of certain death.
torn and bleeding and dying
and thinking of me.
He dragged His own cross 
halfway up to the place He would die.
His body frail, weak, barely functioning.
people spit on Him,
mocked Him.
they utterly disgraced Him.
the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

2000 years ago today...

Jesus Christ, the savior of the world
who had done nothing
was put to death, nailed to a cross.
yet He willingly suffered
so that we might be saved.
[because some would never believe]
He willingly suffered
for the glory that was to come.
us, gathered to Him, in eternity forever.
all people, kneeling before Him,
tongues confessing that He is Lord
when He comes again.

2000 years ago today....

our debts were paid in full.
the balance was satisfied.
our punishment poured heavy onto Him
once and for all
that dreadful day so long ago.
the spiritual and the actual curtain
that separated God and man was
when the sky went dark
and the earth shook violently.
it was finished.

and they took Him down from the cross
and they laid Him in a tomb.
desperately hopeless
and utterly defeated.

.... until Sunday my friends ....

Kristyn Getty singing "The Power of the Cross"


  1. wow. love. you have a seriously beautiful heart friend

  2. Thank you for posting this heart wrenching but beautiful reminder:)

  3. when i saw the thumbnail on my sidebar, i almost thought it was gonna be a video of YOU singing! :) lovely words, lovely lady.