enabling email

okay, so obviously it's fun to get comments on your blog posts... but even more fun than that is being able to reply directly back to the person who left the comment [remember when i had the "commentLuv" system, where i could reply right back to you?] anyway, with blogger, you can enable your email address on your profile so that when you comment on someone's blog, they can actually email you back a direct reply! if you don't know how to enable your email, i'll show you how:

first log in to blogger.com. 
you'll see your "dashboard" 
click on "edit profile"
click on "show my email address" [pictured above]
that enables your email on comments so that the blog owner can reply to you :)
it also puts this link on your profile [pictured below]
it doesn't really "show" your actual email address anywhere, except in the notification email that the blog owner receives, like any other email you'd send to someone would show your email address.

that's it! it's really easy, but it will make bloggers everywhere so happy when they can reply to you. i think most people will tell you that's the best part of blogging, actually interacting and developing relationships with readers. anyway, take it or leave it, [but i hope you take it]!


  1. i was lying in bed this morning thinking about writing a post just like this so i could more easliy reply to commenters! except i dont know how you did that red arrow thingy. no idea. but GOOD idea! have a good weekend!!

  2. I like forming the relationships on here, but have gotten a few nasty, negative comments. I keep my comments moderated and just don't feel quite comfortable putting my email out there. Glad it works for you though!

  3. Ania, that's such a bummer! i can never understand why people send negative comments (let alone downright nasty!?). i always figure if i don't agree with someone, i won't comment and i'll just stop reading if they post things i don't agree with. it's your blog, after all, you know what i mean? you can technically write about whatever you want, in your own space, right? i hate that there isn't more compassion and understanding, but i guess that's human nature...

    anyway, i totally get where you're coming from, and there's a good reason you don't want to activate your email. i just figured if people didn't know about it and would want to know how to activate it, this would be a good little tutorial :)