new prints

inspired by yesterday's post, i've added some new prints to the shop. i gathered up all the verses that i have plastered all over my house [on a 3x5 card in my handwriting] and made prints out of them. they're "print-it-yourself" [i email you the file] unless you come visit me at the Queen Bee Market, where they'll be printed and packaged and ready to frame! here are the new ones [yes, i watermarked them. lame, i know. click on them to get to the listing in my shop to buy]

[click here to buy in any color]

[click here to buy in any color]

[click here to buy in any color]

which one is your favorite? i have more that i need to get done, but believe it or not, these take a long time to do!!

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  1. I'm in love with the first on! Gorgeous! That's going on my wishlist for my new bedroom ;)