our first coffee date

hi friends! i'm new to virtual coffee world, but it looks like lots of fun. thanks for stopping by!

if we were having coffee today, i'd be sipping my usual: a teaspoon of instant coffee [ralph's brand organic] with a few tablespoons of hot cocoa [trader joe's organic fair trade]. oh, and i'd be using my cute new mug that our small group pastor and his wife gave us the other night when they came over for dinner. such a 

we'd probably take a seat at my new dining room table, and discuss my big plans for a much cuter and more colorful centerpiece. but for now, the candlesticks are fine. you would probably ask where i got my doily coasters, and i'd give you the link to buy them.

and then i'd tell you that this is why i've been M.I.A. the past couple days. not answering your phone calls and texts, or joining you on all those fun playdates.

lots of flower making

and lots and lots and lots

of headband attaching

i'd remind you that i'm going to be at the queen bee market may 6 & 7, if you didn't already know. and i'd convince you that you really, do not want to miss it. over 50 vendors selling their handmade awesomeness. i seriously can't wait. and you don't want to be left out, so you better be there ;)

i'd probably show you all the wonderful things that are on my shopping list for the market
that i hope to snag before everyone gets there:

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7 
[click on the numbers above to go to the corresponding item's shop]

then i'd admit that maybe i can't afford alll of those things... but i'm sort of hoping that someone [you know who you are] would drop the hint to my husband that i just want cash [two days early] for my mother's day gift. all of which will be well-spent at the market.


we would hopefully talk about lots of other things that are much more important than material goods and shopping. and i'd probably recommend that you read the post i wrote last week about peace, because i know you're busy doing a million things all the time, and this would be such a good reminder for you to stay focussed on Him while you do those million things! besides, Jesus died so that we could have peace, so i wouldn't let you leave without making sure you promised to read it.

i'd also mention that i have ONE lesson left in my Breaking Free study and that i don't want to do it because i don't want it to end! but that's a whole 'nother subject for a whole 'nother coffee date :)

oh, and i know it's only our first coffee date, but i'd also tell you that i'm prayerfully considering joining facebook again. you'd roll your eyes and look at me like i was crazy, that i actually had to pray about joining facebook again? i know, i know, but it's just one of those things. just another place to waste precious time. so if i join again, i'd be doing it with the understanding that i'll only log in when i have a "notification" emailed to me. i won't log on just to read status updates, and scroll through photos of people i don't even know, you know? it will be hard, but i think after my seven month hiatus, and not missing it at all, it's not going to be that hard. i'm thinking of it as a second email address, kind of. it's more convenient for some people to just facebook instead of email. so i'm doing it for them. sounds harmless right? my only hesitation is that i really don't want to be two months down the road, having to cancel my account again, because i couldn't manage the time i spend on there...

linking up with Amy @ Lucky Number 13. such a fun idea!



  1. lovely to have coffee with you today! your blog is lovely.

  2. hi...lovely to meet you and read of your market plans...and FB plans...
    aren't we women funny- no time to do anything and then something catches our fancy and we are obsessed!!

    glad you are on the tuesday coffee wagon with us!

    melissa x

  3. oh i wish i could go to the queen bee market, that would be so much fun! hope you do great there, you have a lot of cute stuff so far! thanks for coffee and have a happy easter!