queen bee

just thought i'd pop in for a minute to let you know that i'll be a vendor at the Queen Bee Market in May. i couldn't be more excited about it! i'll be selling actual finished headbands, clips, brooches, etc. [as opposed to just the tutorials that you'll find in my etsy shop] and some of my "art" [it's not really art, just white words on a colored background, but made perfect because they're God's Words] and hopefully some do-it-yourself kits, too. if anything, i hope you'll come say hi if you're in town [or within like a 6 hour driving radius]. it would make a fun girl's trip! san diego? who doesn't want to take a mini-getaway to san diego in may?


  1. I totally love stuff like this. We have a summer art street fair here in Harrisburg, PA and it's one of the highlights of my summer. I always find a little something to bring home. Too bad you're so far away...that's why ETSY is so great! You'l have to blog about how it goes. Wishing you well!

  2. Thanks for the post Aly- we're excited to see you again! xo, M & J