wanna help me choose?

i'd love a little help?!? i'm trying to choose a few photos to frame in my kitchen. all of food. all that i love. trying to decide if i should stick with one artist, or pull from a few different ones. i want the overall feel of the photos to be the same. so i either want all of them to be subdued in color, or vibrant in color... what are your three favorites together? here's a snapshot of my etsy favorites:

of course, i could throw my own photo into the mix? maybe this could be #4? or is it too orange? i could re-stage this shot using lemons or strawberries. that might go better with the other photos?

oh, and what do you think about these egg shots i snapped? should i just take my own photos and save the money. i realize they aren't as good, but maybe worth saving the money?

your opinions, please!!

featured shops above:


  1. I also love that I can comment on your blog again, lol..

  2. I like 2, 14, 15 together!

  3. oh my gosh. this is hard. your egg pics are totally fine to use. they look the same as the others, to me. also, what if you cropped the oranges one in an interesting way, kind of like #7, which is a favorite of mine. i also really love #5 because of the childishness of it. it feels welcoming. for a subdued combo, i like 14, 16 & your eggs. :)

  4. yah i like #5 too.
    wish i could see your kitchen, though.
    i reeeeealllly like the idea of you doing the pictures.
    i think you will like it more.
    couldn't you do your eggs, your oranges and do one of cookies and milk too?
    if i had to choose from the top, i'd choose 5,12, and 13.....but seriously...you should set yourself up a little shoot and challenge yourself!

  5. So fun, I'm always better at this for other people. I think your pictures are definitely good enough to use! If I had to choose from the others...
    7,10,12 for vibrant or 9,13,15 for subdued. Good luck choosing.Can't wait to find out what you did!