new business name

k friends, i thought i'd include you in something fun! i need to create a new name for my little business. right now it's "DIY Shoppe" because i mostly sell do-it-yourself patterns and tutorials for the flowers that i used to sell as finished pieces (under the business name "Baby Flair Boutique"). but i also sell printables now. and i still do sell finished pieces at the occasional Queen Bee Market.

so, the dilemma is that at the last show i was selling prints and headbands. not so "d-i-y", you know? but my booth had a banner up that said "diy shoppe"... it just wasn't making much sense. SO, i'm going for something very general, universal, like i could be selling anything. not specific to headbands, or baby, or prints, or anything else. and also cute, something that evokes a pretty picture in your mind. here are some examples of business names i really like:

parkside harmony
ivory & moss
stella & dot
marigold road
No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane

and here are the front-runners for my own business name:

blossom road
feather and blossom
birch and blossom
cotton lane
cottonwood lane
mulberry lane
hazel and cotton
ivy and ginger
ginger lane

not really a rhyme or reason behind any of them, just thought they sounded pretty. what do you think? favorites? more ideas/variations on any of the above? i would love your input!


  1. I like them all! I think my favorites are hazel and cotton (it's different) and birch and blossom.

    Thinking up a business name is so hard! I've been trying to think up something for weeks, and I can't seem to do it. It doesn't help that when you think you are onto something, you look it up online and it's already being used! That's been my problem anyway :)

  2. thanks for your input stacy! i really like "hazel and cotton" too. i think that's my front-runner as of tonight. my goal is to have it finalized by wednesday. we'll see if that really happens :) best of luck with your name as well!

  3. Hi friend!
    I like Birch&Blossom and Mulberry Lane.
    Thats my 2 cents. Good luck choosing!

  4. Love Birch & Blossom and Mulberry Lane! So cute!

  5. hey! i love the word blossom...it seems to go with your life, your family, your business...all budding! what about budding blossom? i really like birch & blossom too though. here's my blossom brainstorm: blossom & bee, blossom & berry, blossom & vine...both those last ones were inspired by the "vine and branches" and bearing fruit passages, if ya want to tie something like that in. i could brainstorm forever, so i'll stop myself now :)