praise the father, praise the son

have you guys heard this Chris Tomlin song? mmmm, i've had it on repeat because we're singing it tomorrow in church and i have to have it memorized. you have to listen below [if you're lucky, and if i remember to do it, maybe i'll post the link to our service with our choir singing it... i'll have to wait until it's archived online on Monday morning, though]

Oh sovereign God, Oh matchless King
The saints adore, the angels sing
And fall before the throne of grace
To You belongs the highest praise
These sufferings, this passing tide
Under Your wings I will abide
And every enemy shall flee
You are my hope and victory
Praise the Father, praise the Son
Praise the Spirit, Three in One
Clothed in power and in grace
The name above all other names
To the valley, for my soul
Thy great descent has made me whole
Your word my heart has welcomed home
Now peace like water ever flows
Yours is the kingdom
Yours is the power
Yours is the glory

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