what you have to read this weekend

if you can, set aside 10 minutes to read these posts. you will not regret it:

1) "One Better" by Angie Smith. you might know her as the wife to Todd Smith of Selah, or as a contributing writer for (in)courage, or as an author, or as a speaker at Women of Faith conferences? anyway, this post is challenging and practical.

2) from the talented singer/songwriter Christa Wells"In her right place". this will just help you rest in God's sovereignty and His perfect plan for you. 

3) this one is from 2007, but Ann Voskamp referenced it recently and wow. it's so good. if you only read one of these suggestions, let this be it! "Shelter is not a place".

4) super duper light hearted, this one is. a completely charming little girl's playhouse that i have already emailed to my hubby [i already know what he's going to say about it- he'll like it because it's clean]. i really should be sending it to my father-in-law who could actually build it for us, huh? take a look. you will love it.

happy weekend friends :) 
do you have anything fun planned? 
for us, it's just gonna be about quality time, not really worried about what we're doing... 
[daddy has been working a lot lately, more than usual, and we miss him]

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