new prints in the shop!

just wanted to let you know that i've added two new prints to the shop. this time they're 10x8. i've gotten quite a few requests for some horizontally-oriented designs, so here they are!
 i'm loving the stripes on this one. i think i might do stripes more often:
 or no stripes is equally as pretty:
 and also, a few more colors for the "oaks of righteousness" with the oak tree:

head over to the shop to buy. remember, they're "print it yourself". you can either print at home on cardstock or you can send to costco or wherever you get photos printed (they look great on photo paper, believe me). scrapbookpictures.com is another option. really outdated and hard-to-navigate website, but they get the job done!


  1. hello! just wanted to say thanks SO MUCH for all the books you bought for the library! just makes my heart so happy. :)