six years

i meant to post this awhile ago, but was rushing out of town and forgot about it. oops! 

june 12th was our sixth wedding anniversary. i feel too young to be celebrating six years, but that's what happens when you meet in high school at 15, get engaged at 19 and married at 20... you celebrate six years when you're only 26.

both my husband and i will now admit that 20 was too young to get married. there were a lot of things we could've avoided had we waited. but we thought we knew better and got married anyway... two years of college left to go, nowhere to live, no legitimate jobs, but very generous parents.

as crazy and naive as we were, and as much of a rollercoaster as it's been:

i would choose him all over again today

hands down, no hesitation. after six years, we know that marriage comes down to good old fashioned commitment. our commitment has been tested and tried, and today it is stronger than ever. it has not been shaken, even through the fire. by God's grace we'll be here in 60 more years, testifying of God's faithfulness to us and our commitment to each other. and in love as ever. [we just have to live to 86. that's doable, right?]

after that surprise wedding a few weeks ago, we headed over to the Hotel Del Coronado and bought ourselves a one- night stay for our anniversary [which was the next weekend].

june 12th rolled around, and reese slept over at her grandparents and we headed out.

[photo credit]
we walked on the beach and around the cute little town for the afternoon, stopped by my husband's new co-worker's house [two houses from the beach, incredible], walked over to dinner, got waaay too full, had really powerful conversation [which i love], walked back to the hotel and went to bed early. i guess that's what happens when you're parents? you need rest? honestly, it could not have been a better day. i don't have lots of photos [because i think my husband was embarrassed by the huge camera, so i didn't lug it around everywhere] but i'll give you what i do have:

dinner. [from my phone... lame]

love this little house. the town is full of great houses like this one.


  1. You make an adorable couple, happy anniversary!!

  2. beautiful!! y'all are adorable. that hotel is rockin' my socks!


  3. that is a great photo of you two...so cute!

  4. yay! congrats on #6!! just realized my brother got married on 6/24/05. just 12 days apart from yours?? is my math right?? anyways, i'm sooo glad you guys took the night away and had good talks. that's the best! good job leaving babes behind :) i'm sure she had a great time with grandparents.

  5. So glad you were able to get away! My 13th is coming up next month and I can't believe it! We met at 16 and married at 22 and we also would both say that may have been too young. But I do love that we already have so many years of memories together and many more to come. Happy anniversary!

  6. Sounds like a great date night! Congrats on 6 years!! My hubby and I did the same thing...got married young before we really knew what we were getting ourselves into! :0) We're going on 8 years on the 27th of this month, and even though it's been HARD, we'd do it all over again. God is definitely the glue that kept us together when we thought things were falling apart. For sure. Great post!

  7. i was in san diego and stopped by hotel del coranado for a little dreamcationing. i hope to go there some day. it is so lovely!

    my husband and i are celebrating our 15th anniversary soon. we met when we were 19, married when we were 22. people thought we were too young.
    maybe we were. but i'd do it all over again. i love that he is my history, that all my memories are of him. it suits me, us.