surprise wedding

you guys, we literally had the most fun ever this past saturday night! my husband's close friend was having an engagement party. we were planning to go to dinner and then swing into the party a few hours late, thinking it would be no big deal. around 5:30 my husband gets a call, asking if we're coming. he explains that we're just leaving for dinner and we'll be there a little bit late. the groom, on the other end of the phone says:

"we're surprising everyone and getting married in 25 minutes. get here"

what? i mean seriously, they have to be the coolest people we know. if not for all the other wonderful qualities they each have, mostly because they're doing a surprise wedding. who does that?!? they actually held up the ceremony for us. he called his bride as she was making her way down the walk to the ceremony site and said, "wait, stop. joel's not here yet!" so we ran up just as her dad was announcing the surprise and she was walking up to the crowd that was facing him on the beach. the crowd of family and friends who thought they had gathered there for a "special toast". so awesome.

the ceremony was intimate and beautiful and just overflowing with love. every single guest was uncharacteristically happy for the rest of the night because they had just been part of a surprise wedding for one of their closest friends. it was seriously a fairy tale evening, just being apart of something so awesome. not to mention it was in Coronado, overlooking the downtown San Diego skyline. just magical.

[i only got a few photos with my phone. there was no time to grab the camera]

i told my husband that if i had been brave enough [and cool enough, and not 20 years old] i would've loved to do something this awesome for our wedding [which, now that i think about it, was almost six years ago, coming up this Sunday!]

linking up with Amy for Virtual Coffee this morning... now off to grab some actual coffee.


  1. oh my....you guys are too cute!!! Looks beautiful!!!

  2. wow that is really fun. what a great idea and night! and i love how you start or say in your posts sometimes "you guys,..." i so can hear you saying that, and it makes us (your readers) feel like your close pals. :)

  3. How awesome!! That is really such a cool idea, and I'm sure it relieved a lot of the stress of wedding planning for them :)

    Visiting from Virtual Coffee, your blog is great and I'm a new follower!

  4. wow. what a story!
    how very special. i sometimes wish the hubby and i could get married again and do everything differently. but in the end, we're married and that's the best part, right?
    thanks for coffee!

  5. oh, what fun!! looks like an awesome wedding. and congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

  6. oh wow, that's just something i have never thought of but what a great way to get married! i love this story, so cool that you were able to be a part of it!