potty training: play-by-play [day 1]

i started potty training today. using this method. i'll be posting and updating the post as we go... more for my sanity than your enjoyment [since the program requires that i am housebound for three straight days]

9:30am :
had her throw away her diapers and wipes
put on princess "undie-wears" as she calls them
told her we have to keep the undies dry
and to tell mommy when she has to use the potty

10:39am :
so far, nothin.
i have repeated "tell mommy when you have to go potty, k?" a billion times
she's gone through a sippy cup of apple juice
i guess i was under the impression that she just constantly peed when she was wearing a diaper... hmmm..

10:51am :
"mommy, i hafta go potty!!!" [very excitedly, as it drips down her legs... oops]
she realized she probably has to tell me a few seconds earlier.
but it was also my fault.
they say you have to be by their side constantly,
and i was in the kitchen for a minute...
new undies and a new pep-talk
let's hope next time is a win!
i really want to give her a prize: either gold-fish or fruit snack [i know i'm lame]

12:08pm :
it's lunch time and then naptime
sort of dreading this part of the day
what if she doesn't go pee again before naptime?
she always has a wet diaper after naps
and sometimes she poops when i put her down...
that would be a disaster
but the book says never to have them sit on the potty just to "try" to go.
oh no...
better put the plastic sheet on asap

1:12pm :
alright, we're eating [finally]
but she still hasn't gone since the 10:51am incident...
i think before she goes down, i'll have her try, even though they tell you not to.
they say to put them down and then stay by their door for awhile.
if they make noises or shift a lot, go in and see if they have to pee.
that seems crazy to me...
maybe i'm wrong.
we'll see.

2:30pm :
she's in her crib and i've gone in like 4 times to ask if she has to go
[because she's not asleep yet, and that usually means she's staying up to poop]
each time she jumped up and said "yeah!"
of course, that was a just a grand scheme to get out of bed
she never went...
so the last time [the fifth time] that i went in
she said yes, but then i didn't take her.
she peed in the crib.

changed the sheets
put her back down
an hour later and still she hasn't slept

3:39pm :
we have had 0 naps
2 accidents
0 going in the potty
3 pairs of "undie-wears"
1 new sheet
and a very tired and defeated mommy.

at least i made a reaaaallly cute yarn wreath while she was in her bed? i'll have about 8 for sale at the queen bee [august 6]. maybe i'll give you a sneak peek of the 3 that i've already finished, if you ask really nicely :)

4:54pm :
another accident. accident #3
straight onto the carpet
no warning
and still no successful trips to the potty
i'm ready to give up.

but lucky for you, here are those three wreaths:
5:37pm :
accident #4
i'm pretty sure that she's beyond overly tired, so the rest of the day is probably shot.
only problem is, no diaper at night time...
can someone please tell me i'm not crazy?
that it will eventually work?
because isn't this the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over again, expecting different results.

and, i forgot to update the rest of the day after daddy got home... 3 more accidents, no going in the potty. last accident was right as i laid her down for bed. i changed the sheets and put a diaper on [i miraculously found one next to her play kitchen, that i'm sooo glad i didn't know was there. because remember, we threw all the others away]. this is just too much.


  1. You can do this!! Good luck!!!!

  2. You'll have to let us know how it turns out. I looked at the website and am intrigued. I think you just have to tell yourself it will happen. My one Aunt has her kiddos walk around without pants for a few days and she's successfully trained 5 out of her 7. I'm not sure how I feel about letting them walk around nude, so I'm curious how this works out for you. Best of luck!

  3. ahh! oh aly! you poor thing!! I just saw this...{havent read day 2 yet} I never asked Jack if he needed to go...I just took him and tell him its potty time. Also, you might try the no pants thing....we didnt put underware on Jack till he was pretty much trained. Nothing (or loose shorts) during the day, and we did pull-ups at night to start. Eventually he didnt need them anymore.