alone time and a little bragging sesh

did you know my hubby is a high school football coach? have i talked about that before? well he is... and not just any high school football coach. coach of the year 2010 [as bestowed by Nike and other organizations], led his team through an undefeated season [14-0], ending with a state championship victory. in his second year as head coach. at 26 years old. am i a proud wife? oh, i don't know... YES! and he would never tell you any of this, much less give himself any of the credit [it's all about the kids, which i love about him], so it has to come from me :) [you can read a little bit about the season, if you're the tiniest bit interested, in that link above... and scroll down for a photo of him, coaching in the rain, at the state championship game. headset and all. gotta love it!]

and did you know that high school football is really intense? like, really serious and really important. please don't detect any sarcasm, because i'm being dead serious. my husband watches hours of film every week, goes to tons of games to scout future opponents, and lives and breathes football from august through december. luckily, i wasn't surprised with this when we got married. he played high school football, [remember, we've basically dated since infancy] and it was just as intense back then.

soooo... it has officially started. tomorrow is the first scrimmage. tonight, they scout. so i'm all alone tonight. put the baby to sleep, make sure the house is clean [enough], and then i have the evening all to myself. i love it! my plans?

1. read more of this book:

it is really, really good. if you're looking for something new to read, get it. i really like her perspective, because it's so much like mine- grew up in a Christian home, in a Christian school, etc. so many things she describes in the book, that she struggled with, were the same for me too. 

2. make more of these:

some for tessa, some for my hubby's cousin's brand new [identical] twin girls, and some for my niece who just started kindergarten and needs some cute headbands to match those uniforms. oh, and some to sell...

3. watch my darling hubby on the local news tonight, as they interview the coach of the year about his upcoming season :)  he's used to the cameras by now. they had him in the studio several times during the awesome season he was having last year. so it's old by now. second nature, you know? ;)

what are you up to tonight?

** in the interest of full disclosure and being honest, i found out [after i had drafted this post] that i have a baby shower to attend [never got the evite, sometimes that happens to me for some reason]... so i'll be doing all of this AFTER i go to that.


  1. How fun it must have been to watch him on T.V.!

  2. That is so exciting about your husband! I love that. Congratulations. And he is only 26! WOW!