just to let you know...

first, have you entered this giveaway yet? you have a chance to win your choice of one of my yarn wreaths! [except the gray/pink one... someone won that from another giveaway just yesterday. i'm bummed b/c it was my favorite. i guess i can make another one?] anyway, it's a giveaway for my friend Kim who is adopting TWO girls from Ethiopia. they're selling cute t-shirts that you can buy or you can just donate a dollar amount. and then you put your entries toward any item you want! go here to enter.

second, i thought i would point out something super fun [for me, anyway] on the House of Smith's blog. you do read her blog right? awesome DIY and decor ideas? she's great. well anyway, she was in San Diego for the BlogHer conference, which coincided with the last Queen Bee Market. no i didn't meet her, BUT if you scroll down in this post, you can see my prints ["lavished" and "oaks of righteousness"] on the very top right of her photo collage of the Queen Bee! yay!

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