new prints

please check out this giveaway for my friend Kim who's raising money to adopt two girls from Ethiopia. you can win your choice of one of my yarn wreaths!!

i sort of always thought i would have to stick with my signature "style". you know, the white text with the plain colored backgrounds? well i've deviated just a little bit. now i have lots of fun "color-block" combinations to choose from too :) so far, i've only done the "come thou fount" print in this style. i have lots of work ahead of me... what do you think?

:: lilac grove ::

:: autumn whisper ::

:: candy ::

:: cranberry limeade ::

:: grassy ::

there are lots more color-block combos where that came from. and i'm thinking for like $3 more you can choose your own customized colors. sounds fun, huh? head here to buy :) oh, and really soon i'll be offering everything as a finished print [as opposed to "print-it-yourself" printables]. just figuring out the best way to do that...

oh, and don't forget to head over to the giveaway.


  1. beautiful!
    i think i love every colorway!

  2. oooo, I love the "candy" one!

  3. i love "candy" too! and thank you so much for your sweet congrats for our precious babes! so excited that we are due close together. :)