reason # 143,245,690 why i love being a mom


actual conversation with my two year old:

"mommy, percy doesn't go anymore"

"you're right, maybe he needs a new battery"

"i can get batteries"

runs to the drawer where we keep the batteries. brings me two.

"thanks sweetie, but see this little silver screw? that means we need daddy to use a screwdriver to open it, before we can change the battery"

"but... i can get a screwdriver"

runs to the drawer where we keep batteries... and apparently screwdrivers.

"reese, you are so smart. how did you know that was in there?"

big smile. i change the battery and look up at her; her eyes beaming.

"you know what Reese?" ...

"i'm a genius!"

yes, she literally said that to me. and i laughed out loud. and she did too. and it's days like these that make all the bad days worth it. 

and you know what i realized? she will not take "no" for an answer. and i think that's a good thing.

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