suggested reading for the weekend [#4]

since you aren't really reading anything on my blog [seriously, if you scroll down, the posts range from july 18 through today, all on one page. i'm such a slacker!], i figured i may as well direct you to what i've been reading lately? stuff i've found quite lovely:

my hope in doing this, is always to bring you some blogs that maybe you don't already read. not sure if that's going to happen today, but even if you already read these gals, maybe you missed these posts?

1. this one was absolutely breathtaking to me: kyle posted about her 4 year anniversary in a way that just struck a beautiful chord in my heart.

2. jessi at naptime diaries challenges us to think about what we post online, whether it be blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. she calls it "out of the overflow" and it's part of her 1% change series that's super awesome!

3. i suggest her writing a lot. because it's always that good. like, blow-you-away, good.
 "suffering won't last forever" is no exception. truly a must-read.

and also? because i have your attention: go check out the nicely stocked shop! i've listed lots of left-over items from the queen bee market. there are headbands and clips and brooches, all ready to ship. oh, and don't forget the yarn wreaths!?! oh, and also some new prints: come thou fount and springs in the desert. enjoy!

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