when God redeems: [beauty from ashes]

i wanted to share this story i saw on the news this morning. maybe you've heard of a little girl named Rachel Beckwith? well, she was a remarkable little girl who, for her 9th birthday this past June, wanted her friends and family to give to her "charity:water" fund instead of getting her any gifts. her goal was to raise $300, to help about 15 people. 

if you don't know anything about charity:water, it is an organization that raises money to build wells in the poorest countries where people don't have access to clean water. to date, they've raised almost 10 million dollars and have provided water to almost 500,000 people. truly amazing. and it works by people like you and me setting up a little campaign on their website where others can donate to the project. 

Rachel raised about $220 for her birthday. that's inspiring for a nine year old girl. 

just a few weeks ago, she was in a car accident and sustained fatal injuries. while she was in the hospital, her story caught the attention of several news media outlets and the donations in her charity:water campaign began to rise exponentially. tragically, she died on saturday after they had to take her off life-support. i can't even imagine a loss so great. 

but the donations continued to pour in. as of 9:30am today, $741,038 has been raised, which will help bring clean water to 37,051 people. 

are you completely in awe? i don't think it would be disrespectful to her family to give all the glory to God for her life, even as briefly as it lasted. 

only He can redeem one beautiful life cut-short, times thirty-seven thousand saved and prolonged lives. only He can bring this kind of overwhelming beauty from such unbearable ashes. 

will you donate to the project? can you imagine a million dollars raised in Rachel's honor? you can also donate to help cover the family's medical expenses here.

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