baby tessa [19 weeks]

today i am 19 weeks + 1 day pregnant. we had our official, medical ultrasound [where you usually find out the sex, but we already knew it was a girl]. she confirmed that it was in fact a girl, which was no surprise to me. and it looked like everything else was good too. i never want to take for granted the fact that my babies are healthy and all their parts are working properly. i know it could be very different and i know i certainly don't deserve a healthy baby over anyone else.

anyway, it occurred to me that maybe you'd want to see some shots of the growing belly? and it is popping out fast! i promise at the end of these 40 weeks people will be asking if i'm sure i'm not having twins [it happened last time, so i fully expect it again].

i discovered it wasn't all that simple to take photos of myself... find the right lighting, find an object to set the camera on that was high enough, make sure it focussed correctly, and then make sure i didn't look like a complete fool! ha! so here's what you get:

i'm really into these skinny belts for accentuating the belly. i figure, i'm pregnant, i might as well take advantage of the fact that i don't have to suck it all in all the time, you know? because i used to wear them before i was pregnant, and everyone would ask me if i was pregnant. sort of embarrassing. mostly for them.


  1. I didn't take many pictures of my belly when I was pregnant, and I'm so sad about that now!

  2. Yay for baby Tessa and your adorable belly! Lovvveee these pics! xo

  3. love. love. love. the belt is awesome. and you're so cute!

  4. You look AMAZING! Love the belt ;)

  5. many many congrats, loved reading your story and look forward to following along!!