give 1 save 1 : [the dollar mob]

have you guys ever heard of the "dollar mob"?

okay, well it's this new organization that i've seen mentioned a couple times around blogland. Ashley Ann [you all know who i'm talking about, right? awesome photographer and DIY-er extraordinaire?] and my friend Kim [both Ashley and Kim are going through the  adoption process right now] have mentioned it.

basically, you sign up through paypal to give $1 every week. $4 a month. what you could scrape together in your car and couch cushions, probably right now, and at least once every month. you know what i mean?

but the idea is that if enough people are giving the $4 per month, they can fund some really awesome projects. mostly adoptions.

each month they'll introduce a new family or project that they're going to fund, and your $4 will go toward that.

$4 is basically nothing. if you don't have an etsy shop, which means your paypal account probably always has a at least $4 in it, you could easily transfer over $20 from your bank account, and that would last you 5 months, covering the $1 per week.

anyway, i think this is such an easy way to make a really big difference in a lot of lives. you'll barely notice the $4, but it will make all the difference for the families and projects who receive the donations, you know?

i just signed up and i want to encourage you to do it, too :)

just head here and click on the "join the dollar mob" button on the right sidebar. then you just log into paypal and it will set up the auto-payments automatically... couldn't be easier.

then don't forget to follow along at the give1save1.com blog to see what your $4 is doing.

i just LOVE this concept! i hope it spreads like wildfire and blesses a lot of people.

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