He delights in us

it was one of those mornings. the kind where you wake up feeling rested, your 2 year old is still sleeping soundly and you feel like you've won some grand prize if you have time to shower and eat and spend precious time with the Lord before she wakes up? yeah, it was that morning...

and what struck me this morning was that
God's goodness is so overwhelming, if we let it be.

i woke up and read this post on my phone, and was sent immediately into prayer of thanksgiving. He gives us so much, and often it's that which we didn't even know we needed. that which we will miss if we don't open our eyes to see it.

today it was:

the birds chirping outside the window
the cool fog resting on the grass
the crisp shadows dancing through the trees
the peaceful child still sleeping
the hot tea from a beautiful mug [seriously, those anthro mugs are works of art]
the bittersweet remembering as i read through my journal
the tender goodbye kiss of a hard-working husband
the 12 long years we just reminisced about last night
the wise words of blog friends
the sweetness of the waking child who embraces everyday with excitement
the blessing of an etsy sale [from a sweet friend]
and an extra large portion of time with Jesus, here:

it struck me that God doesn't just "listen when we pray". he's not just "there when we need Him". i mean, those are both true, but also...

He is constantly going before us
always thinking about us
always desiring time with us
finds joy in blessing us when we don't even ask for it, just because He wants to
He doesn't just tolerate us. He delights in us.

doesn't that just make you feel like you can face anything today? don't you feel calm and rested and secure and ready to go about your day... i sure do.


  1. I love that he delights in that. I need to remember that more often. I love all of your sweet reflections on what you are thankful for.

  2. Beautiful post, Aly. I love how you've worded this: He delights in us. This is so true...but something I admit I don't always realize. Thank you for this reminder!


  3. Hi Aly! I found ya over at my besties blog Jami @ Call me Blessed! Loved your blog! Your heart inspired me today!