the perfect fall day

today was it. as far as fall days in southern california go, you know? no changing leaves to play in, or 35 degree weather to brave. but for me, and what i'm used to here in san diego, it was perfect.

by 10am i was out of the house on time, to run errands:

the bank: to withdraw our weekly cash allotment.

walmart: paper plates, party decor, halloween candy, cute little pumpkin candy bucket for my little trick-or-treater. [she was sort of excited about that, can you tell?]

trader joes: groceries

then home: mac & cheese for R, and turkey chili for me

then i finished up this wreath for a birthday gift. i love it and secretly wish i could keep it. luckily i know the gal who makes them so i could probably convince her to make another one ;)

then it was nap time.

and i worked [my "real job", which is tech support via email and online chat]. while making this:

and this is where it got real, you guys. an already good, productive, fun fall-weather day...

turned magical

magical enough for a 25-weeks-pregnant-lady, anyway. 

um thee best cookies ever? yes. 
my friend Mindy was raving about them in this post
then i clicked over to the recipe and realized i had all the ingredients in house already. 

the dough is literally heaven 
[i really really love cookie dough. a lot]. 
and the baked cookies melt in your mouth. 

i can thank Mindy for helping me gain an extra 15 pounds this pregnancy. 
but they're healthy right? because they have pumpkin in them? ha!

pair them with some hot trader joe's cider and you guys, 
it's the perfect fall day. 
just try it and you'll know what i mean.

signing off to make a headband for my niece who's going to be a flower girl this weekend :)
the crafting fun never really ends.

PS i made a few changes to the recipe: 

i used butter flavored crisco. 
you might think that's gross, 
but i use it in my chocolate chip cookies
and also i didn't have enough regular butter. 

where you smash the dough with sugar before baking

and i baked them for only 10 minutes. 

and i may have added a lot more chocolate chips 
[although the dough was amazing before i added any, 
so i might try them next time with none, 
but a little more oatmeal?]

Also, hello to anyone visiting from the "follow fest"! 
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  1. Totally making these. I saw the recipe and got all excited because I have everything I need for them. Hollah!! ;)

  2. Loving that wreath and the cookies look so soft and chewy. Yum.

  3. I would like one of those cookies now please. :) I have a recipe swap blog hop called Tasty Thursdays that you should link up with!

  4. shanks for linking back to me. i love that you made them! aren't they out of control?? it's 11:43p.m. here and i'm thinking i should make them!!!

  5. Oh wow those cookies look AMAZINGNESS!!! And I am totally in love with that wreath, I will definitely have to check out that link!

    Newest follower, so glad I found your blog!! XOXO

  6. you are so cute! and those cookies look amazing...will need to try soon :) hope you are doing well friend!! xoxo!

  7. Thanks for the recipes! I'm a new follower from follow fest.

  8. These cookies look delish!! We got our purmpkin from Walmart too. I so wanted my daughter to choose the purple one ...or even blue. She chose orange. lol Newest follower from the Follower Fest! Stop by and give us a visit some time :)


  9. That does sound like the perfect fall day! Those cookies look amazing. New follower from followers fest :)

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  11. I am a new follower via the follow fest! LOVE your cute blog! come say hi sometime :)


  12. The wreath is great. I really need to get around to making one.

    Don't you love so cal? No cold weather!

    Stopping by from the follwers fest. I'm a new follower.

    Hope you can check me out at

  13. So yummy! Seriously so thrilled to find another SOuthern Californian making the best of the beauty of fall especially with tasty treats. Love your blog and I'm so happy I stopped by from FF. I'm a definite new follower and hope you can swing by to visit here http://www.nataliensor.blogspot.com/