suggested reading [#5]

i haven't been doing this for a month or two, but i wanted to start up again, sharing some things that you must read this week:

first of all, i'm going to try this for dinner this week. i originally saw it on "House of Smiths"
but i'm linking to the original recipe for you. it looks super delicious and pretty healthy.
a good idea for a quick and easy lunch too, don't you think:
"Grilled Zucchini Pizza"

and for all you lovers-of-fall and all things pumpkin?
 Andrea posted a recipe for homemade pumpkin spice latte 
and it's yummy! here's the original recipe.
i'll be honest, i still prefer my starbucks chai tea latte;
i never was a huge fan of the pumpkin spice
but you might love it, so here's how you can make it at home!

oh, and if you think that's good, you will most certainly die over this:
way-too-easy-to-make and ridiculously yummy pumpkin spice bread. 
you could also make cupcakes/muffins. i brought some up for the girls
last weekend [blog sugar weekend]. i personally LOVE it... i'm not quite sure what
they all [honestly] thought, but they said it was good :)

while i'm giving you recipes,  try this one:
you won't believe it's actually healthy. 
i plan to make it today.

Laura's post "Uncomfortable" really spoke to me. i love her writing, and you should start 
reading her blog if you don't already. anyway, she wrote about 
mommiehood, calling, and being faithful to serve where we've already
been called to serve: our home and family. even in the messy and hard and mundane 
and totally not glamorous.

i loved Casey's post about being yourself,
which she called "no more apologies".
since i got to meet her at blog sugar, i can tell you 
she was the most gracious and wonderful person. 
not too shy but not too over the top, you know?
if she was nervous, like she had been 
tweeting earlier that day, you couldn't tell.
beautiful & lovely & warm & authentic 
 were my overall impressions.

i told you about this last monday, but in case you missed it: 
my gardenia tutorial is for sale in this shop.
"Shop for Sharlie" consists of a bunch of 
tutorials and printables for $5. all the money goes to pay for Sharlie's medical bills. 
she's awaiting and heart and double lung transplant and needs $250,000 to get that underway.
all you have to do: buy a tutorial or printable out of the shop, and enjoy it!
she gets the $5 and you get to make something pretty. that's a win-win!
PS: as of this last Friday, the shop has raised $5,000! yes, FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! 

from one of my favorite blogs, naptime diaries.
it hit me straight through the heart! 
the paragraph about all the things she wants
to accomplish every week? yeah, that's how my mind works... 
our "things" are different, but the idea is the same. 
why do we think we can do it all and do it all well?
you have to read it:

i also wanted to remind you about my post last tuesday telling you all about love146
their mission is to prevent child sex trafficking, and also to help 
restore children who've been rescued from this life. you can help by giving a one-time donation, 
by giving your time, or by partnering with them [a $25/month commitment]. 
i decided to sweeten the pot a teensy bit, by offering to send you 3 tutorials or printables 
of your choice, out of my shop, if you choose to partner with them. let me know if you do!


  1. I still have the burlap square with 146 on my desk. It is serving as a reminder that I need to continue praying for them. I don't want to forget the suffering that is going on and I want to make difference even though I'm no matter how small it is. Thanks for sharing your passion about it too.

  2. I love when people do things like this. Gives me a chance to check out some other good reads since I don't always get to "get around" to explore myself ;)

    I so appreciate you and your heart to encourage Aly. You are an amazing and beautiful person!! TRULY!

  3. I'm your newest follower! Love finding sisters in Christ who blog from the heart. Beautiful.