weekend shopping [and a coupon code]

after it started driving me too crazy not to, i've divided up my shop into two. not that you were worried, but it just looked cluttered to me. i was selling finished hair accessories, patterns to make them yourself, prints, digital files to print them yourself... oh, and some wreaths. pretty random.

so i have kept "blossom & vine" for anything finished, tangible, shipped to you...

and have opened "blossom & vine DIY" for printables and tutorials, anything emailed to you.

that makes a lot more sense right? hope so! anyway, i wanted to preview some of the pretty things you can find in each place. you know, since christmas is less than 2 months away...

lots and lots of prints that are ready to ship, like these ones:

and this great deal, where you can get 2 8x10s or 3 5x7s for only $15
[this deal only applies to the plain-color-background-with-white-text designs though. 
since i have SO many of them, i'm trying to purge]

how about some hair accessories? headbandsclip/brooches
the shop is stocked with them! 
almost all are ready to ship

P.S. i also have two wreaths left. [ready to ship]

feel like making something instead?
how about lots of pretty flowers.
make them into headbands, brooches, embellishments for other cool stuff?
six different tutorials to choose from [3 felt, 3 fabric]

or if you're in a hurry and would rather print something yourself, 
order a printable. colors can be customized to whatever you want, for just $3 more
or choose one of the many color combinations i already have.
there are a lot more options if you go with a printable
[as opposed to a print out of the other shop, since i only have what i have, already printed]
and you don't have to wait for it to be shipped:

and since it's my hubby's 27th birthday weekend, 
use code: BDAY27 in either shop for 27% off 


  1. You're such a talented lady, my friend! I hope your weekend is off to a great start.
    Missing you:(

  2. oh my. i love EVERYTHING you make. heading over to your shop right now! gorgeous.gorgeous :)