your favorite iphone apps

k friends...

here's your chance! if you've never commented before, i *really* would love to hear from you on this. i want to know which iPhone apps you just can't live without. i say that fully knowing, of course, you could actually live without all of them.. but you know what i mean, right? k. so i'm looking for:

1. a good Bible reading/tracking app 
2. a planner/calendar type app
3. a good [and easy] photo editor [shauna, i'm counting on you here]
4. whatever you use to read all your blogs in one place
5. anything else awesome that i didn't even know i needed ;)

so far i've downloaded "Baby Log" which helps you track newborn baby type stuff: feedings, diaper changes, sleeping, etc. i'll be needing that feb.1

i've downloaded instagram and hootsuite and i've been recommended "Cozi" [family calendar/planner] and "Reading Plan" [Bible reading]. is there anything better than you know of?

what else do i need to know?

[oh, and when you tell me which apps i need, tell me what they do/why i need them. does that sound bossy?]

also, if you missed it, go to this post and vote for your favorite "button" design. too many fun things!


  1. OH! I can’t wait to read all the fun answers… Especially one for BLOGS!
    I like Cozi {but I am more of a handwritten calendar girl}
    Words with Friends is a scrabble~like game that is super fun (I’m KimberleeHaag} ;)
    FB, Twitter, and Pinterest are apps I can’t live without
    Joannes app {for coupons}
    and Pandora {music}

  2. 1. I LOVE Cozi. ( you can even sync calendars that are already on the Internet so you don't have to renter them ie: Joel's football schedule)
    2. I like feedler to read all my blogs but others are fine too.
    3. I'm not big on catching up on the news but I like Editions so I can catch up on only things I care about and filter out yucky stuff that I don't want to hear about.
    4. Photogene and 8mm HD are my favorite photo editing apps
    5. I like the reading plans and free daily devotionals included in the Bible by You Version
    6. Spring pad and Evernote are my favorite apps for keeping track of ideas I have, websites I like, recipes I want to try, etc
    7. Maddie's favorites are Monkey preschool lunchbox, fancy nancy, my play home, cosmo's day off, and nighty night. (if you plan on sharing with the kids)
    Hope this was helpful. It was so great getting to see you last week. I absolutely love how your house is decorated.

  3. I did it again... The last post was me.

  4. thanks amberly! plenty of suggestions to keep me busy over the next few days :)

  5. I love the app 'Shop Ethical' I use it when I go shopping so I can see what the brands I buy are up to. I just love coming out of the supermarket knowing my shopping doesnt support child slavery etc...
    :) I also love 'My Fitness Pal' Where I store what I have eaten that day and it lets me know how many calories I have left and also how much nutrition I have eaten that day.

  6. The one shauna showed me for photos was "snapseed". Love it!