dear santa [plus a black friday sale]

how was your thanksgiving? ours was wonderfully relaxing... besides the fact that i'm pretty sure i broke my foot [or maybe my toe]. i dropped the casserole dish right on it while trying to get it out of the cupboard. that didn't feel good. it still doesn't feel good.

well i don't know about you, but i'm one of those gals who decorates for christmas the next day after thanksgiving. i need to enjoy it as long as possible. while i'm in the christmas spirit i figured i might as well write out my christmas list. it's never too early, right? okay good... so, for those of you who aren't out braving the black friday crowds [i never do] here's what i've had my eye on.

mostly, this is a very detailed, photographic list, including direct links, for my hubby to reference. but we really don't do lots of gifts for each other, so maybe this will just be an opportunity for you to add some things to your list? enjoy!

looooove this pitcher. SO much. $58

any one of these gorgeous prints. each one is $15:
number 1 | number 2 | number 3 | number 4

this is actually on the very top of my list. but at $450 i'm not sure i'll be so lucky:

how sweet is this? i would do a "r + t" for my girls
or a "a + j" for me and my husband (only $19):

i'm a journaler. so pretty journals like this make me happy. $25 each:

isn't this necklace gorgeous? hand embroidered!? i can't stand it. and only $22:

i'm a sucker for anything that's cute and serves an organizational purpose.
like this hanging file for $30:

how about this business card holder? $12

and i love this pillow for $30:

Source: shopruche.com via Aly on Pinterest

in case all of that wasn't enough...
here's some lovely hoop art you can buy from my shop:

oh, and the latest design... my new favorite :)

they all ship within 72 hours.

and i still have lots of prints available. all ready to ship
[lots more than i've shown here]:

and cute hair accessories:
clips | newborn | baby | toddler/adult | choose your size

in case you needed some more gift ideas :)

use code BLACKFRIDAY today only for 30% off everything!
OR use BLACKFRIDAY50 for 50% off in my other shop,
[for diy tutorials and print-it-yourself files of all my prints!]

oh, and you also may want to head over here and enter this little giveaway. Jessica Downey, a super talented photographer [who does all the photography for Whippy Cake] just launched her new brand/website/blog and wanted to kick it off with a giveaway! i'm giving away any three flower tutorials, and there's also a $50 gift certificate to Whippy Cake and a few other cute things! [i would say the only downside is that you have to be a Facebook fan of her page and the other vendors' pages, besides me.. i don't do Facebook so i can't enter. sad face.]


  1. i love all of your picks!
    anthro pitcher...YES!
    initial necklace...YES!
    journals...YES! {cute ones...EEK!}
    vitamix is at the VERY top of my list, too! :)
    i am totally in love with your new hoop art!
    they are just so wonderful and cheery!

  2. Apparently I need to do a post like this for Eric too because after shopping for a Tablet for me for two days I told him although Id love it and one would be fun I dont NEED one. To which he replied "well then what DO you want? You sent a list to our families but I have no idea!"Ugh.
    And I think I need to get that business card holder for myself. Ive got some Anthro goodies on my list too...since Ive never owned anything from that store and its my favorite...its about time,right?:)
    Im amazed at your talents Aly. Love the goodies in your shop, esp the hoop art!

  3. I love that necklace. I can't believe it is only $19!

  4. Just found your blog and I love it! I'm following:) Love that necklace with the stamped initials! I want it!
    Definitely might have to get one:)

    xo Leney