fancy nancy + a video

this is a typical morning with my sweet girl. we eat breakfast and then do some coloring. she loves to make movies and then watch herself. she also loves to sing. and she also loves to chat.
and she also likes to use big words like "iridescent"... she's pretty cute, i think:

[PS i hate hearing myself talk... oh well!]

have you heard of Fancy Nancy?
well we love her.
we actually only have this one book but it's a favorite:

but it's the one book we read everyday, no matter what.
so you can imagine my delight when i walked into Ross
a few months ago and saw the exact "bonjour, butterfly" costume for $10

that's where she got the "what's that fancy word for shiny? oh yes, iridescent" line in the video :)
i'm telling you, the vocabulary in these books is amazing. 
i highly recommend them for little girls.
in fact, i really need to order a few more for christmas for her.

hope you all had a fun, safe, not-too-scary Halloween! 


  1. That was the cutest little video!

  2. I heart Fancy Nancy. My tomboy of a daughter, however, could kinda care less! lol... I think I love the books more than she does. If I want to read them I have to force them on her.

    What adorable pics of your little cutie pie!!

    Happy Halloween!

  3. my daughter looooovvvess Fancy Nancy! Your daughter is adorable!

  4. she adorable!! thanks for your sweet comment today - im about to go read your post from yesterday - cant wait. :) PS for some reason it just showed me that I wasnt already a follower when I couldve sworn I was...but anyways, now i am for sure! :) love to you girl!