since i didn't do this last week, i have a few extra photos this time around. hope that's ok :)

a package sent off to a lovely customer. a wreath. 
this is how i gift wrapped it for her. it's not the normal way i package things. 
cute, but it would get pricey with all that lace.

i quite enjoy this little corner of my kitchen, don't you? 
also, i'm obsessed with owls. they are everywhere in my house.

this is how my daughter's 6-week old sparkly toms are holding up...
at least a pair of shoes went to a child in need
hopefully they're better quality than these!

in case you missed it, i've been working on some new products.
if you're a creative type, you know what i mean when i say i stayed up at night dreaming of this.
and immediately the next day i had to try it.
and, unlike most projects i try, it turned our cuter in real life!

its sister hoop

a little pinterest inspiration. originally i pinned this lamp
but then i thought how cute it would be on canvas.
so i tried it. and i love it! for the new big girl's room :)

i made some homemade bread. inspired by the nester.
i used this recipe. honestly it's pretty good. the loaf wasn't huge but it was tasty.
i felt very domestic.

here's my collection of frames that are currently unused. 
if you read my last post, you know i have plenty of ideas on how to use these babies.
so i'm banning myself from buying any more frames until these are used.

this is my sweet girl, who wipes her face and hands after every bite. 
i love it. 

drawing trains with chalk while mommy spray paints. looks like a good day to me!

these are my favorite shoes. i've had them for probably 4 years, got them at target, 
and still love them a lot. they look really neon in this photo, but they're mustard.

doesn't really need a caption:

well there you have it! 
have a good weekend friends.
mine will be filled with the Queen Bee Market.
i'm not selling anything, but i just can't stay away.
i plan to go friday night and saturday morning :)

life rearranged


  1. i love owls too! i am sneaking them into quite a few rooms in our house. ;) love your projects! those shoes are awesome! i love mustard yellow!!!

  2. Love your cutting board! Are you selling those hoops anywhere? If not you so should! I'm a new follower...came from InstaFriday.;-)

  3. the hoop with the flowers-ADORABLE. I want one.

  4. love your blog! found you through insta-friday. super cute. :)

  5. love the hoop w/ the flowers! I LOVE rosettes and have them all over the place in my office. I actually have a project in mind similar but w/ canvas. :o)

    Cute little one!!

    and beautiful sky!

  6. Visiting from insta-friday - love the hoop with flowers. And like how you are storing your unused frames. I have a stash too that I need to figure out a good storage space for - that or start some of my projects for them as well!

  7. I LOVE your shoes and the owl cutting board!
    The items that you made are precious! I wish I was more crafty!
    One of my daughters has a need to wipe her hands and mouth after almost every bite too, ha!

  8. Loove that lacy packaging - so pretty!

    happy InstaFriday! :)

  9. Happy instafriday! Those hoops are adorable, I just love rainbows. Cute Blog.

  10. I love your hoop art...it's fabulous! And that corner of your kitchen is wonderful.

  11. your new hoop designs are amazing! so cute! :)
    and i love those mustard shoes!
    have an awesome weekend!

  12. love all the little creations you have made. super cute. and whoa, those toms have really taken a beating! kids are so rough on shoes.

  13. I love your owl chopping board, and wow, that's petty bad about the TOMS after 6 weeks! Yikes!

  14. Oh I really love your Etsy shop…glad I found you via instaFriday!

  15. you are adorable.
    i am totally in love with your sweet hoop art designs!

    enjoy your monday, dear girl.