it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

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i LOVE christmastime. seriously love it. but who doesn't right? my house is fully decorated, though i do have a few more projects to complete... that's part of the fun though, always having a project to finish. besides my tree above, which i am in love with every single year, here are a few highlights around the house . [cell-phone pictures, i know i'm terrible]
[the free printable in the top right photo is from here]
i made this little printable that i framed in a swirly white frame. i change the number with dry erase each day. [i got the idea from here but made my own]. please do print one for yourself:

i want to do something like this somewhere. little things in jars. to add some more interest:

i'm also planning to make this cute advent banner to hang above the fireplace. with a few variations because i'm not an awesome sewer. no flap, no button, probably not even in that shape... and i might just use paper. we'll see:
Source: etsy.com via Aly on Pinterest

but i'll be filling it with cards that have little christmastime activities for each day, instead of candy/toys. this means i'll have to be very organized and energized to actually do the thing on the card each day... i figure i'll include little crafts, making/decorating cookies, driving around to see the lights, going to the christmas show at church, reading a christmas-y book, a few football games. i'll definitely use things that we already have on the calendar, you know?

i also really love this [but in greens/golds/silvers]:

and how pretty is this little display?
Source: bhg.com via Aly on Pinterest

i have too much fun decorating. but i get a solid 6 weeks out of it, since i keep it up until new years day :) i have no shame! i love it!

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  1. it all looks so great, friend! can't believe you have done so much decorating already. i feel so behind with our trip and coming home fri night. i love your piano, and the garland on it. i wish we still had room for mine. let's talk soon.

  2. Everything looks lovely Aly. Im about halfway done with my decorating. And alas, Im back to work today(boy that break went fast:)).
    Have a lovely Monday!

  3. Looks so pretty! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

  4. I love your printable.What a great idea. My kids ask me every day how many more days until Christmas. : )

  5. Wow! Gorgeous ideas & thanks for sharing your printable :) Have a blessed day.

  6. Your tree is to die for!!!

    New follower from Rags to Stitches!

  7. Your christmas tree looks SO pretty! We just finished up our advent calender today.. just in time! I promised myself last year I would do one for this year..boy, they take alot of time to prepare!
    loved all your ideas!

  8. beautiful decoration inspiration, especially love the fireplace "flags"!
    xo Cara

  9. Shared a link to this on my blog today, hope you don't mind:)

    <3 Leney